Reliability and transparency for your data

MTS Key Data is an integrated solution which also allows for business intelligence analyses and self-service beyond the MTS solution portfolio. This service helps you to identify opportunities and risks in the business process faster and work out appropriate compensatory measures.

Data and Reporting

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A Customised Solution for Flexible Reporting and BI

Today's application environments are characterised by complexity and diversity. At the same time, processing speed and requirements for transparency and reliability are increasing rapidly (especially with regard to the reliability of results and planning certainty). So the spotlight is increasingly on efficiency.

To meet these challenges, the right decisions have to be made quickly.

We would be glad to provide our support and offer you a flexible solution tailored to your requirements and based on standard technologies, in areas ranging from operations to scheduling and strategy.



How You Benefit from Key Data

  • Cost-efficiency thanks to the integration of existing technologies for self-service and business intelligence
  • Higher process certainty and reliability of results thanks to intelligent analysis of data from various sources
  • Increased transparency thanks to rapid access to relevant information and visualisation of complex correlations
  • High degree of acceptance amongst users thanks to interactive analysis workflow, a standardised application environment and the ease with which changes and adjustments can be made
  • Greater flexibility thanks to individual and customised reports